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Anna Lyons

Anna Lyons
Research Engineer

Research Interests

Anna is a PHD student working on converting seL4 to a real-time operating system for mixed-criticality systems. An example of a mixed-criticality system is a autonomous helicopter. To do this, seL4 requires a real-time scheduler with mixed-criticality support, a real-time API, primitives for trusted real-time locking, and capabilities for managing CPU time.

Contact Details

More contact information is available at the Contact page.

Photo of Anna Lyons



NICTA Papers


PDF Anna Lyons and Gernot Heiser
Mixed-criticality support in a high-assurance, general-purpose microkernel
Workshop on Mixed Criticality Systems, pp. 9-14, Rome, Italy, December, 2014

Served by Apache on Linux on seL4.
Served by Apache on Linux on seL4.