CAmkES provides an easier way to develop OKL4-based software and systems.


CAmkES (component architectures for microkernel-based embedded systems) is a software development and runtime framework for quickly and reliably building microkernel-based multiserver (operating) systems. It follows a component-based software engineering approach to software design, resulting in a system that is modelled as a set of interacting software components. These software components have explicit interaction interfaces and a system design that explicitly details the connections between the components.

The development framework provides:

  • a language to describe component interfaces, components, and whole component-based systems
  • a tool that processes these descriptions to combine programmer-provided component code with generated scaffolding and glue code to build a complete, bootable, system image
  • full integration in the OKL4 environment and build system

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Contact the CAmkES team at


12/02/2009: CAmkES for OKL4 3.0 available

A basic port of CAmkES to OKL4 3.0 is available. Note that this port does not use the new OKL4 SDK and performs an 'in-tree' build. It also still depends on Iguana. It can be downloaded here

4/12/2008: CAmkES released

The first open source release of CAmkES has been made available. CAmkES is a component-based software engineering framework for developing OKL4 systems. It is released under a BSD license and can be downloaded here

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